Here you read how the Vandal Com-x webshop works. *In Dutch

You can place a pre-order for comics and graphic novels that are about to be released. You can also re-order comics and graphic novels that are no longer in stock with us. These are ordered for you from the supplier in the US. You can also subscribe to comic book series.

Do you order a product and/or subscribe to one or more comics? In your active order overview (shopping cart) you can see the orders of comics and/or graphic novels to which you have a subscription and/or of your orders for other products. If you have a subscription to a title, the comic will automatically be placed in your order list every month.

At Active orders you can see which orders have been paid, shipped or canceled. Click on the color ball behind each item to see the status of the order. Orders that have not yet been ordered at the supplier can be canceled.
You can print paid orders. Click on the red number behind a product, this will take you to your receipt overview where you can choose ‘print’. The print is also your receipt.

You can search for ‘products’ in this overview. For example, if you want to check whether or not you have already received a certain product. You can filter on the status of your order by clicking on one of the color spheres next to Filter.

Products that we have in stock can be shipped immediately. If you have placed an order for a product from stock, but also for a product that has not yet appeared, you can choose deffered shipping of the product that is in stock for you at the checkout. You can then choose to have shipable orders sent at a later time as soon as the (p)re-order (which can also be a comic under subscriptions) has arrived for you.

If you want to pay, mark the square in front of the product you want to pay (with the square at the top you can mark everything at once). Then choose Start payment/sending at the bottom left. After this you enter the Check-out.

For products not yet in stock, you will not see a Shipping option at the Check-out. If a product is in stock for you, you will see the option. Pay attention! If you choose to send a product that we have in stock for you, you only pay the shipping costs for that product. If you do not want to have it shipped yet, select ‘deffered shipping‘.

A different shipping address can be specified at the Check-out. You can also indicate whether you want bags and boards to protect your comic(s). Current size is the measure of the comic, Silver age is a bit wider.

You can pick up your order once a month if you don’t want it shipped. At the check-out, choose Local pickup. Make an appointment by e-mail or telephone to collect your order at the end of the month on the monthly Saturday ‘Pick-Up day’. I’ll make sure everything is ready.

If no payment is received for (p)re-orders and titles that fall under your subscription, the product will not be ordered for you and we will cancel your order at some point. Unpaid orders will not be processed.
Orders for products from stock must be paid immediately. If no payment is received, the order will be canceled. In this way the product will be available again at the webshop. You can also indicate ‘deferred shipment‘ for products from stock. If you pay for the product, we will make sure it is ready for you if you want it shipped at a later time. If you are a ‘regular customer’ you can pay afterwards at the moment you choose to ship your order.

Not sure whether you want to buy a specific product? Then use the Wishlist. Here you can place your favorite items. You can create and manage multiple wish lists.

Explanation of your Dashboard at My Account.

Active orders, here are all your orders. Handy if you want to pay for everything at once every month and have what is in front of you sent. The system distinguishes between previously paid products, you never pay double.
Unpaid orders, lists all unpaid products, useful if you want to fulfill your order each month before the supplier’s deadline in the US so you can be sure it gets in for you. If you order after the deadline, there is a chance that a product is no longer available.
Shippable orders, here are all products that have been received by you and are in stock with us.
Refundable orders, if a product is unexpectedly no longer available and you have already paid it, you can request a refund here. You can choose to have the money immediately refunded to your bank account. You can also receive a Store Credit that you can redeem at a later time at check-out.
Completed orders, here are all products that have been sent to you or that you have picked up.
Subscriptions, the list of series you want to receive monthly. You can cancel a subscription at any time. Comics that fall under your subscription and have already been ordered for you can no longer be canceled.
Wishlist, here you can manage your wish list.
Discounts and coupons, the active discounts that apply to your account, here you will also find any Store Credits.
Account details and addresses, here you can manage your personal details.

Explanation product page.

– Pre-order button, order that comes into stock with us on the date (stated) with the product, after ordering available for further processing at My account.
– Re-order button, order a product that is in stock at the supplier. Delivery time is usually within two weeks. It can also take longer, sometimes as much as six weeks. That could be related to where the product is in stock in the US. Is it taking you too long? Let us know by e-mail.
– Order button, we have this in stock and can be delivered immediately.
– Subscribe button, this is the subscribe button, if you click on this the comic will be placed in your list under Active orders and the series will be created in your subscription list.

Below each image you will see Description (this is immediately visible) and Additional Information. If you click on this you will see the publisher and the series that a product falls under. You can click on all red texts at Additional Information. Handy if, for example, you want to see other work by a particular writer.

Explanation shop page.

On the webshop page you can see all the products we offer. At the top left you see Filter. If you click on this, you will get a filter option, you can perform an advanced search by publisher, genre, month of release, etc.

If you have any questions please go to our FAQ page or feel free to e-mail.