Here you will find answers to questions about our subscription and (p) re-order service. Do you not have an answer to a question you have been able to find? Mail or call us.

How do I take a subscription and/or place an order?

You will find the Subscribe button for products that you can subscribe to. Click here for a subscription. Is there no Subscribe button visible with a product? Then you can order the product separately. If you do not want a subscription and want to order the product, click on (p) re-order.

If you take a subscription, a new issue will be automatically placed in your active order list every month. Just keep in mind, if you want to be 100% sure that you will receive your comic(s) covered by the subscription, please pay before the supplier’s deadline in the US. Subscribe to our newsletter to get a notification on the deadline day or log in to your account every month around the 18th of the month to make a payment.

Where can I find my subscription(s) and order(s)?

Under My Account you will find the ordered products under Active orders. You can find the subscriptions under the button Subscriptions.

Do I get a discount on an order?

Yes, you can see this in the ‘checkout’. As a ‘non regular customer’ you get a 10% discount on all your orders. As a ‘regular customer’ you get a 10% discount on all your orders and an extra 5% discount if you pay for items before the supplier’s monthly order deadline.

How do I know when the deadline is for ordering products?

Every month we email a newsletter with the deadline date. Subscribe to our newsletter.

How do I know my order status?

In the Unpaid orders overview you will find all products that are covered by your subscription and single orders that have not yet been paid. The status of your order is shown in color codes. Mouseover the color: The text that appears shows what the color code means. You can filter by status by clicking on the color next to the Filter. You can also filter by a product name.

Why does my order remain in red at Unpaid orders?

With a ‘non regular customer’, an order on ‘red’ must first be paid before it is ordered for you. Mark the checkbox next to the product under Unpaid orders and choose Start Payment/shipping at the bottom. As soon your payment is received, we will order the product for you from our supplier in the US.

Where can I find an overview of all active orders?

In My Account you can see your monthly orders under Active Orders.

When will we order your order from the supplier?

Products are ordered for new customers when they are paid. If you have been a customer for more than 6 months, your account will be converted to: ‘regular customer account’. As a regular customer you can pay when the products are received (afterwards). If you pay as a regular customer before the supplier’s monthly deadline in the US, you will receive an extra 5% discount.

Will I receive a message when a product has arrived for me?

As soon as a product is received by us (in stock) you will receive an email from us.

Can I pay in advance without having a product send to me?

Select ‘deferred shipping’ in the check-out. All products you pay for will be included as ‘already paid’ if you choose ‘shipping’ next time in the check-out. The option ‘deferred shipping’ is enabled by default.

Can I pay for (p) re-orders I have placed all together with orders that have come in for me and are ready to be sent?

Yes you can. When you go to Active orders under My account. Mark the checkbox (the small square) next to the products that you want to pay for. You can mark everything at the same time by marking the top square. At the bottom of the page you choose Start Payment/Shipping to process your order. If you don’t want to have your products shipped yet, choose Deferred Shipping in the check-out.

Why has my unpaid order of a product from stock been canceled?

If you order a product that we have in stock, you are supposed to pay for it within a day. Unpaid orders for products from our stock will be canceled after one day. If you want to maintain your order, you can make a payment and choose ‘deferred shipping’ at checkout if you want to have it sent at a later time. If you do so we will have your ordered product ready for you.

How do I become a 'regular customer'?

When you have running 5 or more subscriptions and/or orders per month for more than six months, your account will be converted to ‘regular customer’.

How long does it take for a product to arrive?

Mouseover the color code at your account under ‘active orders’ and ‘unpaid orders’ and you will see the status of your order.

When do I pay the shipping costs?

You decide yourself when you pay shipping cost. There are various possibilities. If you order in stock products and immediately pay for them, you can choose to pay shipping costs in the ‘check-out’. This is especially useful if you place a one-time order. If you have subscriptions and/or (p)re-orders, it’s useful only to pay shipping costs when you want your in stock comics or other products to be sent. If you have not yet paid shipping costs for in stock products, mark all items in Green and choose Start Payment/Shipping at the bottom left.

If I have paid in advance for a product and the product appears to be no longer available, will I get my money back?

Yes, you will get your money back. Under My Account you can request a credit coupon once a paid product has been canceled. You can also have the relevant amount of money refunded to your account.

Can I also collect my stuff?

Yes you can. Select Local pickup in the check-out. Make an appointment by mail or phone. I make sure everything is ready.

How do I search in the store?

Use the ‘search field’ under ‘my account’, type in the first letters of a product you are looking for. The system then retrieves suggestions. If you do not find the product you are looking for under the suggestions, enter the full name, for example ‘X-men’ or ‘Batman’ and press ‘enter’.

How can I search conveniently in the store?

Go to the Shop page (next to the Vandal Com-x logo). At the top left you see Filter. With Filter you can indicate per field what you want to search for. Type the first letters of what you want to find in the appropriate field. For example at Writer, type ‘Robe’. In that case, a list of all writers named Robert appears. If you click on Robert Kirkman (yes the one from Walking Dead!), The filter will retrieve all comics and graphic novels from him. To remove the filter, click on the products screen. If you want to search for other products again, you must first empty the filter field. You can do that with the Clear button at the bottom.

Can I search with Diamond Comics codes?

Yes you can, type in the ‘dia code’ in the ‘search field’ at the top right under ‘my account’.
If the system does not find a product, it is no longer available.